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Being welcomed at someone’s table is always an honour. Whether at that table you sit and listen, observe and learn or simple sit and share. A new group of friends, of colleagues can be daunting, but this was far from the case once I arrived and took my small seat at this oh-so-big worldwide table that is the World Forum Foundation. Every single person was there to share, but more importantly to learn from each other.

When we become engrossed in the busyness of our own little lives our view of the world can become narrow. We believe that the way we do things is the only way, the best way, the way that everyone else must do it. Oh my! I had not realised that I had become blinkered and would have hated to think that I had, but I was certainly narrow minded in that my view of the world was from our own little island and my own experiences.

Having the privilege to have a small seat at this big table opened my eyes and my heart to so many stories, so much experience. ‘Challenging choices, valuing voices’ has been a mantra of mine in my work with schools, settings and families. At this recent, incredible conference in Panama, colleagues from all over the world challenged my choices and gave me clarity on what is really important - our shared passion, our purpose - the children. But for me, the most humbling part was that they also valued my voice, my experiences. They gave me the opportunity to present - to the world - on my simple little FingerTips® tool.

The overwhelming response of my worldwide colleagues enabled me to reflect on the impact of how each and every one of us, starting small can make such a big difference. Such a small seat at such a big table - such a privilege.

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