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Boys haven’t gone away. When we work with children and those who grow them whether in early years, primary or special needs boys are still high on our radars. But when I set out it was OK, more than OK to focus on the particular needs of boys, how they learn, why they behave as they do - but what wasn’t OK even then was to bundle them all together, to presume they were all the same.

Whether I am teaching, supporting my SEND team or invited in to support schools, families and settings just like yours I am acutely aware that every child is different - every boy, every girl, every unique individual. I have had the privilege to grow three great guys and, my they are certainly not all the same. My lovely friend has six boys - and each one of those is different - and we need to differentiate, with a depth of understanding of how each child learns, - how each girl learns, how each boy learns.

So, if I am still passionate about getting it right for every boy, why have am I not offering training on boys, why have I abandoned them?

It’s OK, you can breathe again. Boys are simply part of my bloodstream. I have not abandoned them, I have not forgotten them, I am not neglecting their needs…

In every part of the offering I now bring to schools, settings, families and business teams the strategies are designed to match the needs of each and every individual; and if your boys, their behaviour, their learning is what matters most to you right now then each aspect of my offering can be looked at through the lens of how learning works best for your boys.

In our constantly changing times, it is OK to be a boy, it is OK to be a girl, it is not OK to be defined by it. Let’s not define them, lets really understand them.

Whether you are looking for strategies that build SUSTAINABLE BEHAVIOURS , for simple, accessible strategies that equip your children and your teams to be REFLECTIVE AND EFFECTIVE or whether you are wanting to bring life back to learning and have everyone love it again, let’s get inside the heads of our children, understand how they learn and why they behave as they do, gain an insight that, I am so proud to say has made an incredible impact for boys, girls, their families and teachers for more years than I care to count.

But what about the boys? Tell me your troubles, talk to me about what’s working well and what’s tricky and together we can put together the very best training for your team to make learning work, to build brilliant behaviours to make it better for your children, your families, your teams and… for your boys.

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