AM Web Post - No Ducks

Last week I was fortunate to be in my tiny little seaside chalet with Ottolie my dog. She is our school dog so, as you would expect, she is pretty well behaved.

At the park where my little seaside retreat is based there is a pond, and on that pond there are ducks…

As we rounded the corner back from the beach, Ottie’s usual stunning self-regulation was instantly forgotten. She is not a puppy, she is three years old, but her deep innate instincts cut in. They shut off all signals that would have led to self-regulation. We were not near the pond, but a pair of ducks had ventured out of their usual territory - into ours! On the path between the beach and our chalet, Ottolie was taken by surprise, and so was I. She darted in their direction, pulling the lead and causing me to drop my coffee. The ducks scattered and I just about managed to keep hold of the lead.

A fairly regular event in the life of a dog owner you might think. Why the need to write about something so simple? It is because I simply cannot help myself, I always dive deeper when it comes to behaviours, especially self-regulation - and with my ‘Supporting those who Struggle with Self-regulation’ course coming up, this little episode brought me back to reflecting.

Those children who struggle with self-regulation often have something more innate, more instinctive going on.

When we look carefully, if a child is showing us they are struggling through their behaviours, it is our job to find out how to help them handle it, grow for the future and maybe find sustainable solutions which will help them next time things get tricky.

If you would like to know more, do join me at the fabulous venue of Community Playthings in Robertsbridge on 22nd September 2023 for ‘Supporting those who Struggle with Self-regulation’.

Share a day (which includes refreshments, lunch and a tour of the fabulous Community Playthings factory), which will challenge your choices, but leave you with simple sustainable strategies with a depth that makes the difference. These will work tomorrow but last as they grow, for your little people, for you and for the future.

See you there!


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