Ali McClure’s FingerTips – The First 3 Fingers


A special gift from Ali McClure… FingerTips: The First 3 Fingers. 

FingerTipsa reflective learners’ talking tool, empowering those who those helping our children to grow… The language of learning.. for life!

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A World Forum for Early Care and Education 2024 free gift from Ali McClure

FingerTips - Lets Talk.

The tools to talk about learning,

The tools to learn through talking

The language of learning… for life
Finding the right words is not easy, at any age. If we are in a new situation, a difficult situation or simply if we are still searching for the words. We expect children to be able to tell us what they have done, but do we empower them with the words that work?

As the adults around them, do we know how to start successful learning conversations, to support the children and equip ourselves with the tools to describe what they have learned.

Do we scaffold and support them to really understand their learning… and their feelings?

Do we help the children, their families and our teams by starting simply - in a way they can begin today, then embed this into their everyday experience?

Rather than reflecting on simply what they have learned, do we also equip them to dive deeper, reflecting on the process and the progress; not just the what, but how they have learned it? Do we truly connect, show that we care about what matters most to them and how this makes them feel?

Do we help them build their beginnings, have the questions to consolidate their connections and, as they grow and we grow with them, have the skills to take their learning further next time, take their learning further in the future?

Children of every age can struggle with the language skills, the right words or more importantly the right questions to ask themselves? How can we help them to grow this reflective vocabulary and always have it to hand?

Whether we are working with children, reflecting on our own learning or working with adults - in any context in life we are always learning, we are all learners.

This book is written about a child and us, the adults around them, but we all are children at heart. Whatever age you are, whatever the age of the person you are nurturing or teaching, coaching or managing…

FingerTips is the solution to start simply - just what you can do today.

In this World Forum special edition, Ali shares Starting Simply, the first 3 fingers.

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