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Sometimes when opportunities come our way we are not certain of what they will bring - but we know we need to take them. This is how I felt when, back in 2022 I was invited to speak at a conference. I accepted that opportunity and my, what did it bring!

I return today, to my writing and my consultancy, my lovely little school and my family a changed person. I can no longer see the world and how we are working together for its children in the same way – and for that incredible opportunity I am truly grateful.

I come back having met the most incredible people, heard the most incredible messages and seen some of the most incredible places on the planet. What has been the most incredible to me is, that I am a part of this, a small but certainly far from insignificant part.

To be welcomed, embraced and valued by people who have changed lives, thousands and millions of lives in each of their countries, to have a seat at that table makes we so proud and so humbled.

I come back from Panama knowing that my work, my messages, my actions are powerful- and the reason they matter is that every little life that they touch counts. They count alongside those of my colleagues and new friends around the world. The little differences we make simply multiply when we work together. The next time I sit at my computer, speak at a conference, work one to one with a family or bring a new strategy to a school I will never feel alone- as I know I am part of a worldwide community doing the same but differently in their own communities, in their own countries across the world.

For this life-changing opportunity and the warmth and wisdom of those I had the privilege to meet, I will be eternally grateful.

To the incredible Bonnie and Roger Neuegebauer who started the World Forum and to all my new friends in Early Childhood and Education around the world I thank you all, for opening my eyes, challenging my choices and opening up opportunities. For embracing me, valuing my voice and welcoming me into the World Forum family. The work starts here with so many more little lives to touch.

Thank you to you - to everyone who has believed in me and continues to support my work back home. I now have big work to do, but just like you, it starts small.


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