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TARGET AUDIENCE: Early Years and KS1 Educators

The importance of maths in early years and KS1 is paramount in building the beginnings for future learning. Practitioners need to feel confident to create the context for learning maths through continuous provision and play as well as selecting just the right resources to make learning effective and fun.

Promote early maths, physical development, and self-regulation through the use of simple starting points for learning inside and out. This hands-on, inspiring and interactive course with the insight of Ali McClure also supports social skills and the beginnings of more complex concepts that will help them approach their mathematical learning in the future with curiosity and confidence.

Immerse your children in the creativity of maths through how you curate your continuous provision and resource your interventions. Give every child, at every stage of learning the language to be able to confidently communicate their understanding of key concepts. Give each child agency and the oracy skills to explain and discuss the reasoning behind their choices promoting ‘the language of learning for life’ and ‘a mind for maths’

This in-person interactive training course: 

  • Enables you to think differently about how we introduce mathematical concepts to young children to explore and investigate
  • Promotes oracy- the language of learning and effective questioning for both the child and the adults who are learning with them
  • Supports practitioners to understand metacognition, how the children learn and feel confident to explain this to any interested visitors
  • Revisits what effective physical development looks like and how we can balance the needs of the curriculum with what we know is best practice for that particular child
  • Empowers and inspires practitioners and parents to curate curiosity- in maths and so much more by starting with simple, effective starting points

Expected Outcomes:

  • Develop a bank of simple, sustainable strategies based on simple equipment to give children ‘a mind for maths’ through continuous provision or intervention
  • Explain how and why our choices of resources for early maths really make an impact
  • Explain what effective physical development looks like and how we can balance the needs of the curriculum, especially maths, with what we know is best practice for that particular child
  • Be empowered to ask effective questions, use correct mathematical language and empower the children to ask effective questions as they are exploring and investigating
  • Be inspired to curate curiosity in early maths by starting with simple, effective starting points

March 2023 Full Day Training, Community Playthings, East Sussex

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Age Group: 2 - 7 years
Includes follow-up support

This training / workshop is available as

  • Conference Presentation / Workshop
  • Full day in-house / in-person training
  • Half day or 'Twilight' in-house / in person training
  • Focus on Families / Parent Talk

Please contact us directly if you are interested in booking this session for your setting, school or event or would like a FREE discovery call to learn more.
Email: office@alimcclure.co.uk
Telephone: 07816 408 181

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